We support services that work alongside people with a lived experience of mental ill health  or people with learning disabilities. We aim to offer creative and innovative ways of support working with individuals, staff teams or organisations.


We offer a range of services:

Creative Consultancy

Through observing practice, reviewing policies and information and giving appropriate feedback, ensures staff receive both confirmation and challenge that enables services to grow, develop and meet the needs of people who use services. By exploring ways to provide individual person centred Recovery orientated care and support with all involved, ensures people with a lived experience are listened to.


Creative consultancy service may include:

  • time limited project
  • encouraging debate, influencing attitudes and changing policy in order to ensure people with a lived experience are living more inclusive lives
  • gather information and data about specific areas of work, For example, numerical data, interviewing people, holding a variety of forums with stakeholders 
  • review current guidance or policies and make recommendations for possible change

Other work may include:

  • write and publish for different audiences on key issues about supporting people with mental ill health or people with learning disabilities
  • create and develop workshops for a variety of stakeholders
  • facilitate conferences
  • individual mentoring and coaching
  • team or organisational development
  • facilitate team away days
  • project management
  • investigations
  • quality monitoring
  • service redesign